I was born in Switzerland where I began my lifelong relationship with guitar. Basically, I grew up in my father's wood shop where I was learning how to work with wood. After receiving a degree in music, I became a professional classical guitarist and teacher.

When I was 35, I decided to travel and experience the life of a travelling musician and came to California. California has been my new home since 1979 and this is where I build classical guitars per custom orders.

I have been building guitars for over 35 years. My early guitars where copies of renown luthiers. After some time and many guitars, I started to see the limitations of traditional guitar building. I wanted to see if I could step outside of the traditional design and see if I can gain more volume, sustain and response.

My search has led me to develop a new construction design. This design is advantageous to a concert instrument that delivers more volume, projection and sustain without sacrificing tone quality and color.