• Soundboard:
    Lattice bracing made out of balsa wood reinforced by strand of carbon fiber allows a construction of a very light, thin, yet strong soundboard.

Benefits: more energy transferred to the soundboard, faster response, better sustain.


Elevated, adjustable neck.

  • Adjustable, elevated neck:
    Elevated neck gives the guitar a punchier sound by increasing string angle to the the bridge, also easier access to higher positions. 

Bolted into the hill block using two bolts, allowing action adjustment without the need of saddle manipulation.


Internal structural frame.

  • Internal structural frame:
    Structural carbon fiber rods are needed to relieve the tension of the strings transferred through the neck on the body. 



Sound ports.

  • Sound ports:
    Allowing better realistic sound monitoring for the player as well as better projection for the audience.

  • This new design allows easier maintenance and repair as well as a possibility of fine adjustments by the player.